Although five years (!) have passed since I met Chris, I remember the month of February as if it were a framed photo on my wall, my eyes resisting loneliness. I’ll admit it: Valentine’s Day has always brought out the mushiness in me.

Every February, I’d vowed to stay open to love. Sure enough, a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day five years ago, there I was, sitting at another coffee shop, waiting with expectation and hope. Maybe this time, I’d get get love-struck over a latte? It was another disappointing date. Then a few days later, when I least expected it, I met Chris.

So, when a 28-year-old single mom named Betsy (pictured below), emailed me about dating again, I knew you had to meet her.

betsy hannah thanksgiving

Six years ago, Betsy was in a new relationship when she got pregnant. Her boyfriend was not elated about the news and he was struggling with chemical dependency. When their daughter was four months old, he overdosed and died. Betsy has no contact with his family.

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