I think most bi- and/or multiracial children (meaning a child of any combination of races, not just “black and white”) will have episodes where they have racial identity crises, however I would say that they are not caused by the children. They are brought on by society and other peoples’ hang ups, which are then internalized by the children, making it harder to truly find out who they are for themselves. And because society prefers things to be easy and “in the box” it’s easier to apply stereotypes to a person based on their appearance, rather than just allowing people to be.

I don’t understand the obsession with categorization. I categorize myself based on my interests, or possibly where I live, where I was born, and occasionally with my own biracialness, but it’s not just that simple. Every human being is a mosaic, complex and varied. Just because you might check one box or more than one, is that all that you are? A check mark in a box? Ask me who/what I am and the answer will change based on the day or what I’m feeling and yes, they will all be true and reflect my own true self.

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