Good question Jaclyn. I realized after I hit publish that blogging while still emotional is probably not a good idea. Or at least it can lead to confusion for readers.

I guess I was just stunned to hear Allman had become just another married mid-30s, semi balding dad. Lately it seems like everyone is. And although "on paper" it seems like Wine Guy and are I heading happily down that path after only a year and a half together, I have a hard time trusting that - based on past experiences alone (OC and Naval A-hole), not on anything that is going on with WG.

Actually, we are getting along just fine and enjoying "parenting" our dog. Of course, there is that "wait and see' mentality he has based on finances - whereas I would say let's elope and have a baby today.

And yes, I understand that my desire my not be the best answer. But I would like to hear a SOLID PLAN or timeline from him to put my mind at ease. So far, not getting one. I'm not good at subtle hints and negotiating politely. So the whole topic makes me nuts. That probably doesn't help at all but heck, I feel better. Thanks.

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