Thanks for the post and response, Cait! Things have progressed. My gf is exploring other options. I think a big issue was that she had pain for so long that she just accepted it. I was able to encourage her that she deserved to enjoy sex, and if there is a solution, it's worth exploring. Now she has an appointment with an endocrinologist so she can directly address her questions about hormones. She's also looking into non-hormonal birth control (any feedback out there on Saheli?) As far as non-penetrative sex, for those who addressed that, I've talked many times about how we can masturbate together, do oral only, etc, but that doesn't do it for her; despite the challenges, she predominantly wants intercourse. Right now, the biggest problem is that she is reading a horror show of side effects from people online about going off of the ring. Bottom line, she is more motivated, and looking to find a doctor who really knows what she is talking about, and who can guide her properly on transitioning her birth control methods. Oh, and we've become quite the lube experts too, btw, but they don't help that much, which is why we're looking into other solutions.

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