I cant…I really cant with this! I had to read this in parts, make a run to the bank, come back home and read this over again and still this young lady does not make any sense whatsoever. I was really looking forward to reading something profound and this is what I get!!! Sweetheart you spent most of the post answering our comments made last week than explaining your reason for being a certified Temptress! Like I said thank God you aint my friend.. who are your friends by the way? Your something else. You remind me of dude who wrote that “Married women make the best girlfriends” foolishness (God I hope there is no part II to that). Most of us did not even ask you any questions. LOL! This is Jezibel talk right here! Hispanic and Panamanian women all over the world should be outraged; as a matter of fact, I will bring this up to my Panamanian friends at work, and I doubt they will be too excited about this. By the way Island men are not the only men that are notorious for having outside families, lets not go there please. This post isnt even about that. I was raised with morals and values by my mother who is an island woman and she would crucify me if she ever heard me speak like you.

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