What Are The Best Airport Tips?	

Consider these tips to get through airport security quicker and easier next time you are flying. Just be sure to review the TSA rules beforehand to make sure you know what you can--and cannot--take through airport security. 

Since airport check-in lines have been notoriously long lately, with stories even of checked bags piling up in the thousands at some airports, make an effort to only travel with carry-on bags when you can. If you are carrying checked bags, though, you still have to make it to the airline check-in desk. In many cases, flights are packed to capacity and they know that they cannot put everyone luggage into overhead storage, so oftentimes, they offer to check the bags at the gate at no extra charge. While some airports do have luggage-only lines that are faster than regular check-in counters, that is not always the case, sadly. 

As check-ins have become more automated, with the majority of economy check-ins taking place in kiosks, standing in long lines is becoming less common, but some travelers swear by the strategy of using a check-in option closer to first-class and business-class counters, where agents sometimes will assist economy travelers if there is nobody at their desk. Knowing how long security lines can be can ease some stress about knowing when you should arrive for your flight. Then, before leaving the airport, make sure that you are checked into your flight. Once you get to the airport, you will either have to check-in, check-off checked bags, or head toward security - https://triumphessays.com/ . 

Checking the flight status before leaving home gives you a quick idea of what to expect. If it looks like you might be missing a connecting flight, check a smartphone app offered by your airline or a screen at the airport to see which gate your flight was leaving from, and if you really missed it. Use Flightstats to monitor the status, performance, weather, and even the flight history of your particular aircraft, all in real-time, so if your flight is delayed, you will be the first to know, and the first to rebook. Keep all of your info in one place with the help of App In The Air or TripIt, two apps that do things like aggregate your flight status, check-in times, gate numbers, and the locations of nearby lounges, as well as updating you with schedule changes and gates. 

With the MyTSA app, you can check waiting times, which items are allowed through security, and even get agent assistance. You can check on an airports official web page, or better yet, use an online flight tracker. If you want to really save some time at all U.S. airports, sign up for TSA PreCheck. If your flight is delayed, you do not need to run out to the airport, and if it is been cancelled, you can call to rebook a different flight.

You may be familiar with your home airport, but what about your layover and destination terminals? If you’ve never flown out of a particular airport before, you may find navigation challenging or disorienting. Look up the airport maps before you leave and figure out what amenities are available within each terminal. By doing this beforehand, you’ll save yourself time when you’re trying to locate food, toiletries or restrooms during a short layover. You can also find information about an airport’s Wi-Fi, especially if multiple networks are available.

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