Most people see their bedroom furniture for their utility in helping them fall asleep comfortably at night. Others like to bring more creativity and personality in their bedroom furniture by adding colors and patterns to suit their preferences.

Although according to feng shui, there could be more to your bedroom furniture than you realize. It is suggested by these ancient oriental philosophies that the particular way your bedroom is arranged and organized can have a major effect not only on you personally, but also on your intimate relationship with your spouse or partner. In a nutshell, your bedroom furniture can affect your love life.

So what should you do about it?

If you were to try out a feng shui centred bedroom, you could start off by ensuring that the colors in your bedroom are soft and soothing. Use light colors rather than strong ones. Recommended colors would include creams, pinks, earth tones and peaches. This can stimulate your eyes and your mind to become calmer, and therefore more affectionate to your lover.

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