As people age, the chances are that at some point they'll end up back in the dating game again. It might sound harsh, but the reality is that seniors are among the fastest growing group of singles around. You might think most seniors want to remarry, but that's not true. Most are just looking for companionship and a solid, fun, and healthy relationship.

And where do most seniors find love? Like many non-seniors: online.

An article from the seattle times caught my eye recently, and quotes an 80-year old man and his take on dating again.

"When I was growing up, I didn't see women who were in their 60s and 70s as women," he said recently. "Now, it's amazing. The men I know are all looking at 80-year-old women. They're our friends. We listen to them. We dance with them. We have sex with them when we can. It's beyond comprehension."

The times have changed for the better for people over 60. What about you? Are you looking for someone special? If why not plug in and see what the Internet might have in store for you. You may just get the relationship you never thought you'd be lucky enough to have.

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