You love him, but you don't know if you're in love …

You like him, but you don't feel he's the right man for you …

You've dated him for a while and want to break up but you don't know what to tell him …

If you've ever dated a man long enough to know he's NOT your man, it can feel awkward or uncomfortable to tell him you're no longer interested and you want to break up.

You may even question if you're doing the right thing.

So how do you know if your relationship is really over and not just a phase you're going through.

In Today's Video, you'll learn a fun, fail-proof tip to know if your relationship is REALLY over and what to say to your man if it is.

If you feel there's no romantic future with the man you're dating, you don't want to keep wasting time.

Watch now to see how to let a good man go with ease and grace.

Enjoy and leave a comment below telling me what you do when you're complete with a man and it's time to move on!

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