oh, miss info. i usually agree with your advice, but your answer to the first one seems wrong. AA should have made sure that both of them were relationship-free before starting up with the dude, but he also should have told her his relationship with his now-fiance was serious. now imagine being a woman about to marry someone - wouldn't you want to know that he was schtupping someone on the side? and what good will it be for aa to confront him? we already know he's a liar. she should find out a way to let the fiance know what was going on, either anonymously or in person.

Feb 19 11 at 3:07 pm jr Wrong. It's none of your business!

Feb 20 11 at 4:13 pm K Most of the time, if "we already know he's a liar", then so does the girlfriend.

Feb 21 11 at 3:46 am jr Yeah, either way, it's smart to keep out of other people's relationships. I'd bend the rules if a friend is involved, but other than that, most people are out for revenge, not justice.

Feb 19 11 at 12:40 pm Lawrence_D Friends With Benefits, is just that; it's about the benefits. It is not about expectations beyond the bedroom (or wherever else you do it), it is sex. He is free to see others. She is free to date. That's the way that is. Talking about, revealing anything: how you voted; who you date; where you live; the relationship with your parents or is all irrelevant to the nature of the relationship. You "honestly don't have enough in common outside of our sexual interests to consider dating." Clearly, it was just about sex. And now it's not. And telling his fiance' because she would want to k2020-10-31 (土) 01:34:30 How do you know she would want to know -- because YOU would? No, don't go there and do damage. Don't.

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