If any of you are Dr. Laura listeners (or like me, you "love to hate her" and guiltily tune in from time to time), you might be thinking, "Shacking up with some guy is a bad move." Well, it's not like Wine Guy and I have talked about it. OK, we've hinted around at it in a playful way ("If we lived together, would you want that couch in our living room?", stuff like that). But it hasn't come up in any serious way. And it won't and shouldn't until the whole "I love you" thing is sorted out (see this entry if you want to catch up).

But here's the thing. I've been quite careful to not leave things at his place. I pack a bag when I go over there and make sure I bring it and all of its contents back when I come home. Yes, I have my own supply of beauty products and feminine type things there, but for the most part, I live at my place.

On the other hand, my little apartment is quickly filling up with his stuff. Granted, most of it is kitchenware since we do most of the cooking at my place (I have a nice outdoor patio to dine on) and I have no kitchen supplies that any serious cook would deign to use. So those things stay here and I don't mind since they help to create mouthwatering meals that bring him joy to cook and me joy to eat.

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