Well I've thought from your entries 'bravo' for keeping in contact with these people really! My Mum nor any of her friends who just had kids and stuff do that kind of thing with antenatal class peeps and stuff. At the end of the day, don't feel you have to fit in with these people. I can only imagine it was hard for my mum having me and my brother at such an early age cause no-one else around her were having kids. She's 42 five days after my 19th birthday next month and all her mates are popping out kids only just now! I see why you want to make friends who have babies and stuff, but dont let these people upset you. They're just people at the end of the day that you seem to have nothing really in common with. Try another group if you really want to carry on with this sort of thing, but your real mates are always there ready and waiting for you even if they dont have kids of their own maybe :)

As for your bf, Im very impressed he noticed something was wrong too! I hate spelling it out so you're very lucky to have someone that receptive! That would be heaven for me!

p.s as for your comment, it does actually say on my post 'oceana' what grades I got..hmm maybe you missed it I dunno how you left that comment on there unless you didnt read it :P no worries I ramble about sh**e anyway!!!

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