Boy, a whole lot of assuming is going on here. First off, unless any of you have seen LW1's blog, it's pretty damn tough to judge if the guy is overreacting or not. LW1 seems to have come to the conclusion that he's not (how she got there is kind of a mystery, her explanation leaves a lot to be desired) and wants him back. And she will never do it again.

So then, without a lot of what I think is key information, everybody has an answer AND a judgment (with the exception of Cait). I will say this, and nothing more. If LW1 was comfortable with what she had on her blog, and is now willing to give up that part of herself, that is her decision. If she doesn't feel that strongly about it, so be it. Doesn't make her any less of her own person. We make a thousand tiny concessions every day. That's what makes us adults and what we live in a society. But if it is something she enjoyed and felt was a part of herself, she may regret it. And that's also part of being an adult.

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