Yay Rob! Well said, sir! I, too, have a slightly better take on the situation than the majority of commenters. One of my besties is a straight guy whom I was very attracted to for a very long time. He and I talked it out and decided that being in a relationship was definitely not the right thing for us, and I got over the attraction part and we have remained totally platonic besties.

Then, I met this amazing, wonderful, beautiful man who is so perfect for me in every fathomable way, and I fell head over heels in love with him. Pretty soon after we started dating, he started asking some probative questions about my hetero bestie, and I could tell the seeds of jealously were trying to plants themselves in his brain. In fairness to my BF, I am a very openly affectionate person and never hesitate to tell people that I love them, and my hetero bestie and I do a lot of collaborative things together, go on road trips together, and otherwise do things that could seem threatening to even the most secure, open-minded BF in the world.

So, to nip that in the bud, he and I had a very frank, open conversation about my past and current feelings for Hetero Bestie, and we talked about ways that I could help him feel more secure in our relationship. Since then, everything's been peachy. If your dude isn't willing to do the same for and with you, then that's probably more of a red flag than the relationship and the texts and all that. But, no, him having a hetero bestie is not necessarily the death knell of your relationship.

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