Not loosing who we are. In many blogs that deal with relationships, or when we think of a relationship, we think of two (or more in some instances) people. These couples deal with each other and try to work with the other person. I think this is natural and the way it should be.

Today however, I was thinking whether we put enough, or the right amount, of work into ourselves, and more importantly, the all important "Me time." How many of us take the time to just be us? Or relax by reading a book, doing yoga or playing an instrument? Maybe a better question is, how many of us have this time for me 01:21:30

I think me time is a way of getting to know ourselves even better. A time to reflect as well as relax. I think this helps us in our relationships as well. It can help us to keep ourselves real. In other words, not loosing who we are when we are in a relationship.

I think it's fair to ask a potential partner what they want in a relationship, and I think it's just as fair that we know who we are and if we can deliver for that potential partner, no?

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